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Joining Our Team

Joining Our Team


A career in real estate requires an entrepreneurial spirit. Atlas Management has built a brokerage model that recognizes the independent nature of all real estate salespersons.


no desk fees

Atlas Management does not charge any monthly fee to our salespersons, and we never will. Being a real estate professional is challenging enough without additional expenses.


Do more, make more

We offer a straightforward commission split of 80/20 on your first $100,000 in sales, 90/10 on your next $100,000, and 95/5 on everything else. The better your year, the better your split. It’s simple.

Why atlas?

If you want to join a team of award-winning business professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service, this is the place for you. Our multidisciplinary leadership group will give you the help you need to grow your career to new heights.


Im in, now what?

If this sounds like the direction you want to take your real estate career, then contact us today at and let’s talk.

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